Amateur Astronomy Associations and Publications

Amateur astronomy associations and publications exist all over the world and serve as ways for amateur astronomers to share their interests and findings with others. Local, state and even national organizations for amateur astronomy have popped up over the years.

These organizations have gatherings, conventions, Web sites and more that bring together amateur astronomers from different areas. Many amateur astronomers belong to multiple associations and attend astronomy events year round.

Amateur astronomy publications share new information on findings, technologies and other facts about astronomy. Like amateur astronomy associations, these publications exist on local, state and also national levels.

Some of the most well known amateur astronomy associations include:

This is by no means an all-inclusive list. Amateur astronomy associations can be found all over the world.

American Association of Amateur Astronomers
The American Association of Amateur Astronomers (AAAA) is one of the most well-known amateur astronomy associations. AAAA provides information for astronomers all over the country. Listings of local and state astronomy organizations can be found through AAAA, as can information on astronomy events taking place all over the country. Information on foreign astronomy information can also be found.

Amateur astronomers can also link their own Web pages to AAAA, making it easy for them to connect with others in their area and others who share their interests. AAAA also provides information on the history of astronomy, news in the field of astronomy and more. Books, publications and other informational guides of astronomer are listed on the site for amateur astronomers.

Teachers looking for speakers on astronomy or planetariums to take their classes to can find these resources through AAAA as well.

Astronomy Publications
Amateur astronomy publications exist for astronomers of all levels, ages and specific interests. Some of the most popular astronomy publications include:

  • Amateur Astronomy – Publishes quarterly news on amateur astronomers in all parts of the world.
  • AmSky – This is an online magazine for amateur astronomers.
  • The Astronomer Magazine – This is a magazine for advanced amateurs. The magazine’s goal is publishing astronomical observations quickly after they are made.
  • Astronomy and Space Magazine – This is an Irish publication.
  • Astronomy Magazine – This magazine includes news, events and resources for astronomers.
  • Astronomy Now – This is a United Kingdom publication.
  • Meteorite-Times Magazine – This is an online monthly publication that focuses on education and preservation of meteorites, tektites and impact structures.
  • Night Sky Magazine – This publication targets beginning astronomers and stargazers and those looking to buy telescopes.
  • Sky and Telescope – This publication is specifically for amateur astronomers and includes astronomy news, sky charts, product reviews, in-depth articles on astronomy and weekly guides for sky observing.
  • SkyNews – This is a Canadian publication.
  • The Woman Astronomer – This publication promotes women’s role in astronomy. This includes information on the present, historical accomplishments of women and what women can and will accomplish in the future.

Many astronomers subscribe to multiple publications, both in print and online, to keep up with the latest in astronomy happenings in different areas and specific categories off astronomy.